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Electrical Worker License

All electrical work must be embraced or completed by an authorized electrical specialist. Such electrical work incorporates new wiring, revamping and expansions which must be tried before the supply is turned on.

There are 3 classes of electrical specialist permit, to be specific: Electrician’s License, Electrical Technician’s License and Electrical Engineer’s License.

Electrical Installation License

An electrical establishment alludes to any electrical wiring, fitting or contraption utilized for the transport and control of power in any premises.

You are required to acquire an electrical establishment permit when you utilize or work an electrical establishment of affirmed stack surpassing 45 kVA for non-local purposes.

Electrical establishments in premises utilized for ‘unsafe exchanges’, regardless of their affirmed loads, are likewise required to be authorized.

You are required to name an authorized electrical laborer (LEW) of proper class to assume responsibility of the electrical establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions ; Why do we need Lew Services :

1. What must the landlord’s LEW do with regard to turn-on of electricity supply to the tenant’s licensed electrical installation?
The tenant’s Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) shall submit the ‘Certificate of Compliance’ to the landlord’s LEW to request for turn-on of supply to the tenant’s electrical installation.
The landlord’s LEW shall ensure that the connection requirements stipulated by him on behalf of the landlord have been complied with before he proceeds to turn-on the supply line.
Immediately after this, the landlord’s LEW shall issue a statement and obtain the acknowledgement of the tenant’s LEW. He is in charge of the installation and the operation of the tenant’s electrical installation, and the tenant or his representative.

2. Who will carry out the inspection of non-residential consumers’ (is it clear who the consumer is in this case?) electrical installations to ensure electrical safety?
For electrical installations that are exempted from licensing, SP Services Ltd will conduct checks on consumers’ electrical installations and the test results will be sent to EMA. Based on the feedback, appropriate actions will be taken against any Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) who violates safety regulations. For licensed electrical installations, upon receiving the Certificate Of Compliance submitted by the LEW, the person responsible for turning on the supply line to the consumer’s electrical installation will have to check that the consumer’s main switchboard is compatible for connection before the supply line to the consumer’s installation is turned on. These persons are expected to report any non-compliance to EMA for appropriate action.

3. Can a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) oversee the design and installation of a consumer’s electrical installation, and also take charge of the operation of the same consumer’s electrical installation?
Yes, a consumer can appoint the same LEW to take charge of the design, installation and subsequent operation of the consumer’s electrical installation.

4. Before electrical installation, does the Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) need to submit the design of the consumer’s electrical installation to SP PowerGrid Ltd for approval of the installations?
The LEW is fully responsible for his design and installation work for the consumers’ electrical installations. He does not need to submit his design of the consumer’s electrical installation to SP PowerGrid Ltd for approval. However, he has to ensure that the consumer’s electrical installation meets the connection requirements stipulated by SP PowerGrid.

5. Who should be present on the day of turn-on of electricity supply to a consumer’s electrical installation?
The following parties should be present on the day of turn-on:

  • The person responsible for the turn-on of supply line to the consumer’s electrical installation;
  • The Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) requesting for the turn-on of supply;
  • The LEW responsible for the operation of the electrical installation, in the case where a licence is needed to operate the electrical installation; and
  • The consumer or his representative.

6. Can a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) engaged by the landlord of a multi-tenanted building also oversee the design, installation and operation of a tenant’s electrical installation?
Yes, the tenants may engage the landlord’s LEW to oversee their respective electrical installations.